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My mom loves RFID wallets. She is convinced that they protect her personal information better than standard wallets, so everything sensitive that she carries must be in one of these. I am always on the look out for them for her. This is a beautiful one in a traditional leather. Very classy looking.



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As I work on losing weight, improving my health and getting my labwork in order, I’ve been looking a lot at high protein, low carb diets. Carbs become sugar in the body so that can be a big piece of the uphill battle.

The ketogenic diet is counter intuitive because it’s high fat. But good fats are healthy for our brains and bodies. It also focuses on the low carb aspect. I’m not entirely sold on this diet, but I can see where it is compatible with an Atkins type diet.

This particular book provides some great recipes and ideas for those considering this diet.


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